Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Soul Survivor is Coming!

Happy hump day! ;)
I hope everyone is having a lovely week and enjoying all the teasers and photo quotes from Soul Survivor. I must admit I'm addicted to pic monkey and making these photo quotes has been a blast! Let's take a look at today's photo quote, shall we?

*sigh* I really wanna give this girl a hug. She's got some serious crap on her shoulders. Here's the song that inspired these words.

Now for today's teaser!!! Hailee and Alex have just had a bit of a disagreement about Seth leading Alex to share a little tale...

“Ugh. I’m not arguing with you about this anymore. I can handle myself.” 

“Yeah, that’s what Areyanna said,” Alex huffed under his breath. 

I grabbed his arm as he turned to retreat. “Who?” 

He bit his lip as he studied my face. I could see him battling with himself. “Maybe if I tell you about her, it'll do you some good.” 

I nodded. 

We sat on the back patio set as Alex started his story. “Areyanna was a hybrid, just like you. She was more beautiful than you could imagine, with her auburn hair and her soul-piercing violet eyes. She was the first hybrid with a chance since I found her before Seth. I loved her, Hailee. She was so amazing and…” He paused for a moment getting lost in his memories. His voice turned cold, “Well, it doesn’t matter. The Darkness found her walking along the ocean one evening. He used his charms and powers on her and she was hooked. Seth knew I was coming to meet her on this particular evening, so he toyed and flirted with her, prolonging the inevitable. As soon as I was within sight of them, he murdered her. Dagger to the heart—right in front of me. He disappeared into the night before I could retaliate. I got to her bloodied corpse as the ocean waves wrapped its arms around her.” 

Wow. “I’m so sorry, Alex. I didn’t—” 

“Don’t apologize, Hailee, just heed my warnings about him. Please. You're our last chance at this. You're the final, the ultimate, hybrid which makes you so much more powerful, and,” he paused, “we can’t afford to lose you.” 

I was so confused. I looked into Alex’s warm, worried eyes. “Do you really think I have the power to change this world into something better?” 

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I know the others failed, but you…you’re different. You have a hybrid’s soul with an angel’s heart.” He winked causing my stomach to flip. 

“I hope you’re right.” I wanted to be able to see my Purpose through, but I had no idea how I was going to make it happen.

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