Giveaway Rules & Details

Indie Author of the Month Rules & Details

Each week correct answers to the trivia questions and rafflecopter entries will earn you a chance to win that week's prospective prize. Valid entries add your name to the pot weekly for the super mega awesome grand prize giveaway that occurs during week 4.

So, for example if I entered week 1 and 2's trivia questions correctly, participated in the rafflecopter giveaway during week 3, and submitted a blog comment for week 4, that puts my name in the hat FOUR times for the grand prize giveaway. So, in short you don't have to be a winner of each week's giveaways in order to be long as your responses are correct and you participate you can earn up to 4 entries!!!!

The more you participate the more likely you are to win the GRAND PRIZE!!!!!!

*Indie Author Supporter Swag
*Books from the Featured Author
*$10 Gift Card for Barnes & Noble OR Amazon (Winner's choice)
*Other Miscellaneous Swag provided by the Featured Author 

Please note due to shipping costs, this is open to the US and Canada only. 

All Other Giveaways

Any e-book giveaways are open internationally unless otherwise stated. 

Please note that due to shipping costs, any giveaways including merchandise is open only to the US and Canada.

If you have any questions about any other related giveaway details, please feel free to email me!

Good luck! I hope you end up on my Wall of Winners! :)

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