Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exciting Things Ahead

I've been thinking a good bit about my lil blog here and I've determined that:

#1 I LOVE indie books


#2 I LOVE indie authors


#3 My blog SUCKS

So, in order to fix #3 I've come up with a great idea for combining my loves while giving my blog a purpose. How am I going to do this? With my newest and bestest and first blog feature to date which will be entitled:

"Indie Author of the Month"

Here's the plan - each month a new indie author will be given the prestigious honor of Indie Author of the Month. Each week will be filled with prizes and everything from character interviews to book features and finally we will wrap the month with a


And believe me, it's gonna be awesome. I've already got several amazing indies who have graciously agreed to accept the honor of Indie Author of the Month! The first official Indie Author of the Month will be in September (which just so happens to be the month of my birth) and we are going to kick things off right with one PHENOMENAL indie. So, follow, subscribe, like and stalk to make sure that you won't be left out once the fun and prizes start rolling out the door. Here's a sample of some of the cool swag YOU can win!

Be sure to pay special attention in AUGUST for a chance to win some cool pre-feature prizes along with clues as to who will be stopping by in the upcoming months!

Here are the links where you can find me on FB and Twitter :)