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Woop! Woop! Welcome, everyone! Today we are celebrating the super duper awesome Ronnie Lambert's birthday! In case you don't know Ronnie here's a bit about her story, Into the Spiral...
Fifteen-year-old Veronica “Ronnie” Lambert wants to get out from under her older brother’s shadow. When Ronnie gets a tattoo and then is struck by lightning, she suddenly finds herself able to see and hear things in shadows that don’t appear to others. Then Ronnie meets Gavin Clearwater, the hot new guy in all of her classes and finds out he can see and hear the same things she can.
Gavin tells her about the Spiral Defenders, a group of warriors that travels through space and time to defend the planets of the Spiral. After meeting the Commander of the Spiral Defenders and realizing his intentions might not be pure, Ronnie struggles between following her destiny to become a Spiral Defender and trying to regain the life she had before being struck by lightning.

Sounds pretty wicked, huh? ;) Let's kick this par-tay off with some jams! Get ready to groove! 

Now that you've done your fair share of dancing in your chair--that's right I saw you--time to move on to this super awesome excerpt from Into The Spiral. *Warning:Temperatures will rise. Cheeks will flush.*
“It’s my sister,” he told her. “I missed my call to her earlier.”
“The one with wings?” she asked. He nodded. Curiosity won out over her nervousness and she sat down next to him as she told him to answer the call. She expected him to put the phone to his ear. Instead, he laid it in the palm of his hand, pointed it at the wall across from her bed and hit a button below the touch screen. Immediately, the picture of a young woman with long golden locks and beautiful blue wings appeared on the wall.
“There you are. I was starting to think you were ignoring me,” the young woman declared as she looked at them out of the screen. Ronnie realized this was a lot like video chat, meaning his sister could see her, too. The girl’s eyes landed on her the same moment Ronnie realized this.
“Oh, I didn’t realize you were busy,” his sister said. Gavin sighed. “You don’t usually answer if you’re with a girl.”
“Osirah, this is Veronica,” he stated. Ronnie held her breath, worried about his sister’s reaction to her. She soon learned she had nothing to worry about. After a moment of shock, Osirah’s blue eyes widened and a huge grin split her face.
“Mama,” she yelled turning away from the screen. Gavin leaned forward, trying to call his sister back, but it was too late. At that moment, a beautiful woman with darkly tanned skin, long black hair and Gavin’s eyes entered the picture. The woman smiled warmly even as her assessing gaze made Ronnie squirm, feeling like they had been caught doing something they shouldn’t. Her gaze turned to Gavin and she raised her eyebrow in a look Ronnie knew well. Ronnie bit her lower lip to keep from giggling as color crept into Gavin’s cheeks, making him look absolutely adorable.
“Hello, Mama,” he greeted the woman. “This is Veronica.”
“Hello, Veronica,” his mom said and Ronnie replied the same. Meeting Gavin’s mom brought back all of her nervousness from a moment ago and she felt a blush creep into her cheeks.
“You two look like you have something to feel guilty about,” she commented and shook her head when Gavin opened his mouth to argue. “No, I don’t want to know. I gave up on most human conflicts when I came here to be with your father.” She looked at Ronnie. “It was nice to meet you, Veronica. I hope the next time will be in person.”
“It was nice to meet you…” Ronnie replied and her voice trailed off as she wondered what she should call the woman. His mom smiled kindly, immediately understanding her dilemma.
“You can call me Dusana,” she told Ronnie. Ronnie grinned.
“Gavin, call back when you’re less occupied,” she added and the wall went blank. Ronnie giggled as she watched Gavin put the phone away and settled back against the pillows, making sure to keep a respectable distance between them. She giggled some more when she saw just how much his mom had embarrassed him.
“That’s not how I expected that to go,” he told her, his cheeks as red as Ronnie’s usually were.
“Really? I thought it went rather well,” she teased still giggling. He gave her a look that quelled her giggles.
“She thought we were being romantic,” he stated.
“Then next time don’t answer when we’re in bed together.” The words were out before she could censor them and she immediately clapped both hands over her mouth, unable to believe she just said that. Gavin relaxed as he chuckled and draped an arm over her shoulders.
“Glad to know you think there will be a next time,” he replied, his gaze heated as he grinned at her. Ronnie’s stomach clenched as an answering desire raced through her body. She tried to look away but couldn’t. His mouth had become the center of her world. She wanted him to kiss her. Her eyes met his and she knew he wanted to kiss her as he leaned his head toward hers. His lips were almost to hers when she realized what she was doing and jumped off the bed.
“Shit,” they swore at the same time. Ronnie turned away and covered her face with her hands. She asked herself what she was thinking, even though it was obvious she wasn't thinking at all. She had a boyfriend; Shawn was a wonderful guy. She didn’t need to ruin anything!
“I’m sorry,” Gavin apologized, interrupting her silent tirade. She turned back to him. “I shouldn’t have done that,” he added. Ronnie shook her head as she gingerly sat on the edge of the bed and faced him, clasping her hands together to keep from grabbing him and finishing what they’d started. Desire still coursed through her. She couldn’t look at him.
“It’s not just your fault,” she admitted to her hands. A heavy silence hung between them and both sighed, unsure of where to go from here.
“Do you want me to leave?” Gavin asked quietly. She lifted her head to look at him. Their eyes met and she knew that despite what had just almost happened, she didn’t want to turn out the light and be alone. Gavin made her feel safe and she needed that tonight.
“No, I want you to stay,” she whispered. 

O.M.G. Love it! Gah! :) It's time to get to the goods! Before you dip out of this rockin' par-tay be sure to enter the rafflecopter below for you chance to win these super duper awesome prizes including a signed paperback of Into the Spiral! Mega thanks to Erin Danzer and all her awesome swaggy swag! (Grand prize is US & Canadian residents only.)

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH Michelle for having Ronnie and me here for her birthday!

    I also want to remind people that Into the Spiral is ON SALE for 99cents during the par-tay!

  2. So, I listened to all the songs even though they aren't really my genre of preference. I prefer country. However, Adele is a good singer, apparently. I've heard a lot of great things about her and know several people who like her music. I've always liked Selena Gomez. I even have one of her CDs. I don't like Miley, but she can sing! I've always loved Party in the U.S.A. I, of course, love Taylor Swift, but I couldn't get Love Story to play. No biggie - I've heard it plenty of times and love it. Couldn't really get in to the other songs, though, especially the one by Britney Spears. She's done some stuff I've liked, but not that song. Still, for Ronnie's party I wouldn't expect my kind of music. I expect her kind of music and this list looks about right! I signed in as Anonymous because none of the others fit, but my name is Valerie Clark.

    1. Hi Valerie! Welcome to the party! It looks like you enjoyed yourself despite your different taste in music! :) Good luck on the contest!

      ~ Erin