Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello, friends!
Well, I'm sure you were wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth, well I haven't but I was hanging on the edge for quite sometime. I just wanted to take a moment and share a bit of my journey so far this year. First of all, tax season was a real kicker this go around. Why? Well, not only was it tax season but it was the first time I was balancing two MBA classes and 55-60 hour work weeks. All I can say is how grateful I am to my amazing husband (who kept our house sparkling clean) and my amazing family for their calming and positive words through a few tough days. But, in case you didn't know today is a special day...IT'S THE END OF TAX SEASON!!!!

~Jumping up and down with excitement~

As you can imagine my writing came to a severe halt due to my work/school schedule (which was expected) but during that time I came up a few awesome ideas for another series that I hope to start working on once I have Soul Survivor edited and available to be read by the world! :)

Editing operations will officially start next week after finals are over, and I can't be more excited to get back into the fun creative stuff. Don't get me wrong I love numbers AND school AND accounting more than any normal person should, but I am ready to get back into Hailee's world (the main character of SS.)

I hope that everyone had a great beginning to their 2012! I can't wait to share Soul Survivor with you so in anticipation for what is to come, hopefully by June (official date is to be determined) I wanted to share an unedited excerpt from Soul Survivor that I have shared with a few of my friends. I hope it is something that you will look forward to reading.....

I stood on the shore, the cool sand squishing between my toes. The night air was warm and pleasant as it blew across my skin. The light of the full moon danced across the crashing ocean waves as the smell of the salty air filled my nose. It was so beautiful and serene, it spoke to my heart the same way the fields of grain did back home. The only sound came from the crashing waves, the only light from the moon. I scanned the horizon taking in its landscape when the summer breeze turned cold.

 “Hailee,” a husky voice whispered.

 I turned as he came walking out of the sea. He was more handsome than I had remembered, I watched intently as the stray water droplets raced down his chest, towards the band of his black swimming trunks. His wet auburn hair was tousled so perfectly, I felt the urge to run my fingers through it. His eyes were dark as always but his smile slowly brightened his face as it spread from ear to ear. I felt my breath caught in my throat as my heart sped, he made me anxious and content all at the same time. I could feel the adrenaline coursing through me, telling me to run as my brain processed whether to run towards him or away from him.

He stopped with a single step between us, and cupped my face in his soft wet hands. As I looked up, I could see his brown eyes dancing in the moonlight. It made me wonder if mine looked half as mesmerizing as his. No, I had never seen eyes quite like his. I’m sure mine didn’t even compare. I could feel his breath upon my face and inhaled deeply wondering if he had always been this intoxicating.  The moment his lips brushed against mine, I felt my entire body go numb. I held on to his strong shoulders to keep from crumpling to the ground. He dropped his hands from my face, moving them to my back, pulling me close against his damp warm body.

“I’m sorry, beautiful,” he whispered with sincerity as his dagger pierced my back. He was murdering me and yet I was completely unafraid. Actually, I was filled to the brim with blissful serenity. As the sea wrapped around our feet, I heard his weapon splash into the water. He swiftly scooped me into his arms, as the life slowly drained from my body. I cradled my head against his shoulder as we moved towards deeper waters. My eyes slowly closed as I struggled to hold on to my existence. The waves inched farther and farther up my body, until finally I felt the salt burning as it filled my throat.

I sat up with a start, trying to struggle out of my nightmare. I sat in my dark room remembering the scene that had just played out behind my eyelids. I guess it is probably not a good idea to tell Alex that I dreamed about making out with the Darkness. Oh and let’s  leave out the little detail that he murdered me. I don’t know what would make him more upset, that he killed me or that he kissed me. I think I will just try to forget this one.

I tried to snuggle back down into my bed, but I could still feel the heat of his kiss on my lips and the warmth of his arms. This could be a problem.