Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Teasers--Soul Survivor Is Coming!

Happy Tuesday!
We are rolling right along...one more day closer to Soul Survivor! Ahhh! I cannot contain my excitement. Here's today's quote/photo of the day....

And he is one tantalizing shade of gray FOR SURE! Before I give you today's song I will forewarn you Breaking Benjamin's collection has been the inspiration for many, many scenes in Soul Survivor. You'll see a lot of them in the complete playlist (which will go up this Friday!)

That song just gets me. Any who, are you ready for today's teaser? To set the stage, Seth has just shown up on the scene after Hailee ran into some trouble. She awakens to find him in her bedroom.

Seth looked straight into my eyes, his mouth inches from my lips, just like in my dreams. My body reacted the same: heart racing, adrenaline pumping. Focus, Hailee, focus. I looked away in an attempt to regain control of myself.

“How did you know I was? I mean, how did you get here so fast?” I stared directly into his liquid caramel eyes, their beauty was overwhelming. Even in the dimly lit room I could make them out perfectly. They were even more amazing than they'd been in my dreams.

“You really want that answer?” His voice was low and raspy.

I nodded. His face so close, his cool breath brushed across my lips making them ache with the desire to be kissed. His liquid irises were so clearly visible in the dark, swirling around like a whirlpool as he spoke.

“Why do your eyes do that?” Those eyes were so enthralling. I could stare into them all day.

“Do what?” They swirled again, a smirk pulled at the edge of his lips.

I didn’t catch on to his sarcasm. “That thing where your irises look like liquid, like ocean waves.” He's positively mesmerizing.

“I don’t know. Most people who stare deeply into my eyes don’t tend to remember or live to tell the tale. I was hoping the first time was a fluke, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.” A smile brightened his face.

He kept diverting my interrogation. “You don’t want to answer my questions.”

“You ask too many. But to answer one of your questions, I’ve been curious about you since our last encounter. So I’ve been watching you very closely.” He moved even closer, his lips almost grazing mine.

“Stalker.” The word came out of my mouth before I could stop myself. I jumped back, covering my mouth quickly. I just insulted the Darkness. What kind of consequences will come from that?

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