Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tantalizing Thursday! Soul Surivovor Drops Tomorrow!

Hooooollllyyyy CRAP! It's Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday which means RELEASE DAY IS ALMOST HERE! *runs in circles*

I'm so nervous, excited, happy, anxious, and all sorts of crazy right now! Ahhh! *deep breaths*

I must forewarn you, today's photo quote is my favorite. When I found this picture it was like getting hit by a semi...the emotion, the scene, it just fit Seth and Hailee completely. I'm hoping you'll agree. So without further adieu, today's photo quote of the day....

This guy, he came out of nowhere and completely messed up my original plot line, but I forgave him and hopefully you will to. ;) The song that goes with today's quote is another Breaking Benjamin tune, Anthem for the Angels.
And finally, today's teaser! I had a really difficult time picking the right teaser for today but I settled with this one since the others were too spoilery. Enjoy!

I climbed into bed as a cool wind blew through my window. The thunder rolled in the distance; a storm was brewing. Mom would kill me if I left the widow open all night during a storm so I moved to close it as the rain began to pelt from the sky. That’s when I saw him. Seth was standing in the pouring rain, his head hung low. What is he doing out there? I quickly reached for my umbrella and dashed out into the storm.

“Would you come inside before my mother sees you out here?” I called as I walked out the patio doors.

“I was going to kill you today.” The way the rain dripped from his hair down to his lips while he spoke was distracting even from a distance.

“I know.” Just like in my dream, I knew his intentions and still didn’t have any apprehension about him. I closed the distance stopping to gaze into his deep brown eyes. His white t-shirt clung transparently to his muscular chest.

“I will never understand you,” Seth replied as I stood as close as my umbrella would allow. Maybe he did have more power over me than I realized. All I knew as every time we were alone, all I wanted to do was wrap myself in his arms and feel his soft lips against mine. No, Hailee. You promised Alex. And choosing Seth was not an option.

He focused on my hand now resting on his strong shoulder. “Alex is right about me. That’s why I hate him so much. I will be the death of you.” He pushed my hand from his shoulder.

I dropped my umbrella. “I don’t care.” I touched the stubble on the sides of his cheeks as the rain pelted my bare skin. Again he avoided my gaze.

“I do. We have to stop this.” He grabbed my hands and put them back at my sides. “You have more important things to think about…more important things than me.”

My heart ached at his rejection and the truth of his words. When did I become an irrational person? Why did things have to be like this? Why did I care so much about him? Maybe he did have power over me.

“Will you please come inside?”

He brushed my dripping bangs out of my eyes. “No, but you need to go.”

“I’m not going inside without you.”

“Yes, you are.”

I followed his gaze toward the back door where Alex stood watching. I could see his jaw clench even through the heavy rain.

“Seth, stop being childish. Just come inside with me.” I realized I was talking to myself again. Seth had returned to the Realm, leaving me alone in the rain to deal with my Guardian.

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