Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why I Love Courtney Cole! (And Grand Prize Giveaway Week)

I cannot believe that February is almost here! Holy crap! I've got a few awesome things in store for February so make sure you are dialed in for that! ;)

Sadly, with the end of January approaching it means this is our last week celebrating Courtney Cole. *sigh* All good things must come to an end though. On the bright side, it's my favorite Indie Author of the Month segment...Why I Love! Yay!

So, why do I love Courtney? Well, duh! Because she is fan flipping tastic! Courtney was actually the third Indie I'd ever read. (Yes, I remember weird things like that.) I can actually remember exactly where I was when I read each of the Bloodstone Saga books (Every Last Kiss, Fated, With My Last Breath, & My Tattered Bonds.) All I could think while racing through this series was Really, how has this girl has not been picked up by a fancy pants publisher?

Her voice is so dynamic, the way she can write with such intricacies and historical references (Bloodstone Saga) then switch gears into such a sweet fun flirty book (Dante's Girl) and then turn up the heat in her new adult books (Confessions of an Alli Cat, Of Blood & Bone, and If You Stay) more than demonstrates her immense talent. Her characters are always so genuine and they quickly nestle their way into my heart and roam around in my mind for months.

Her books always provide me a means of escape and help me get back to happy! For instance, this past summer I was taking a ridiculous amount of classes on top of working full time (this seems to be a recurring trend for me) and I was feeling down in the dumps, irritated, and just plain cranky.This just so happened to be when Dante's Girl released...lucky for me. :) I devoured that book in no time flat while completely ignoring the growing mound of household chores and homework. I know this sounds corny but once I finished DG it was like I was me again, the happy ambitious driven Michelle had returned, the cranky, depressed girl was long gone. Why? How? I credit Courtney's relentless ability to deliver an amazing story. Courtney (and her work) is like a glass of ice cold sweet tea on a sweltering hot humid summer day. Refreshing! Every book no matter what the details, leaves me refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day (and read another book!)

And not only is she talented, Courtney is so amazingly sweet, fun, and just a real deal chick. She is a joy to chat with! She's appreciative, gracious, and lovely! The world could use a few Courtney clones. :)

So, to recap why do I love Courtney? She writes refreshing stories and knows just how to make a fangirl reader feel like the most special gal in the world! I heart you, Courtney!

Now, it's your turn! See the rafflecopter below on details how/where you can Share the Love for Courtney Cole WHILE earning a fourth and final entry for the Indie Author of the Month Grand Prize Giveaway! :)

We've got a $15 Amazon/B&N gift card, Courtney Cole books, & Share the Love swag for this week's GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Hooray! Good luck! And even though, it's our last week honoring Courtney Cole it is highly recommended that you to continue to Share the Love for her all year long!  
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  1. Because I love how I can get lost in her books!


  2. She had me at "Dante's Girl!" Lol I LOVE her writing. She us a major talent.:)

  3. I love Courtney Cole because her books are so well written. I just read them over and over and over and over again. The Bloodstone Saga is my absolute favourite.

  4. I love Courtney Cole because she is an amazing writer and the comedy in her books really make me laugh!

  5. Of Blood and Bone was so fantastic! I was hooked on Courtney from then on! I love how absorbed in her books I get ;)


    Here's the link to my corrected tweet ;)

  7. Courtney Cole has a beautiful talent that doesn't seem to be taken for granted. What I love most about any author is when they are down to earth and real with their fans. Courtney is definitely that!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Best book ever.... So looking forward to all his books!!!

  9. She creates a world that you can just get lost in. It's awesome.

  10. I love her because she is an amazing writer!