Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pax Tate from If You Stay Drops By :D

Oh my word! You, my friends are in for a treat today! Pax Tate (from Courtney's upcoming release If You Stay) has so graciously stopped by the blog. I'm so excited right now! Eeep! If you are a fan of the self proclaimed a-hole bad boy type that have the biggest heart of gold hidden behind a really thick wall of sexy, then you will be a fan of Pax. ;)

While I have had the great pleasure (and I do mean pleasure) of reading an ARC of If You Stay, I realize that most of you have not. So, this interview will be as spoiler free as possible. BUT I hope it will give you a taste of what you have to look forward to because Pax is amazing. He is my favorite Courtney Cole character to date! Ahhh! *fans self* Okay, well we better get this interview going before I turn into a giggling, sighing, blushing mess.  

As I sit down with Pax, it's hard not be distracted by his attractiveness. He is tall, handsome (of course) and is toting a black tee that shows off his muscles and jeans that hug him in all the right places. I better start talking before I get lost in an inappropriate daydream.

M: Pax, thank you so much for sitting down with me. I don't want to keep you too long so if you don't mind let's jump right into this. What is your favorite childhood memory?
P: I don’t remember much of my childhood.  Although, I do have flashes of memories.  I used to spend a lot of time in my mom’s gardens with her.  She’d weed and I’d hunt for bugs.  Those were good memories. 

M: You hunted for bugs. Ick. But I guess that's normal boy behavior. *smiles* Okay next question, if Fate handed you a do-over card, what event from your past would you "do-over" and why?
P: My first instinct is to say that I’d do-over the events of my mother’s death.  They impacted me in a way that shaped my whole life.  But then I think that things happen the way they are meant to happen.  I don’t understand it, but everything happens for a reason.  And those events made me into the man I am right now.  I have to believe that it is for a bigger reason than I am able to understand.

M: *sigh* I whole heartedly agree with that sentiment. *checks notes* What do you like to do in your spare time?
P:  Well, this has changed a lot over the course of the past year.  Haha.  Now, I like to box.  It’s a great stress-reliever.

M: Boxing, huh? *smiles at mental picture of Pax boxing* Boxing, wow. *shakes head* Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
P: My grandfather won’t live forever, unfortunately.  So, I’m sure I will be running Alexander Holdings.  And to do that, I’ll have to move back to Connecticut.  That’s a thought I don’t like to think of now, since I love living on Lake Michigan.

M: Maybe you can run the business remotely. Technology is a great thing. You might not have to move. Okay, here is the million dollar question, what does Pax like in a woman? Do you have a type? If so, please elaborate. *smiles*
P: Ha!  The old Pax would say… I like a heartbeat.  But the new Pax is a bit more discerning.  I like a great smile and a good sense of humor.  Those are what turn me on.  Oh, and a good rack too.  Lucky for me, Mila has all of those things.  *laughs and looks around, checking to make sure Mila didn’t hear the comment about her rack*

M: *giggles* Okay, we've talked women how about cars? What is your dream vehicle?
P: I own my dream vehicle.  A jet black 1968 Dodge Charger in mint condition.

M: Yes, that's right. Danger. How could I forget that car! All right, Pax what would be your dream getaway?
P:  Anywhere with Mila.

M: *sighs* So, sweet. Mila is a lucky girl. I always ask this question a lot but it gives so much insight into a person…what is the one thing you cannot live without?
P:  See above.

M: *smiles* Like I said Mila is a lucky girl. Well, we are almost done, Pax. It's time for the speed round…answer with the first thing that comes to mind…
Color?  Green.
Song?  I’ll Be Gone (Linkin Park)

Drink?  Whiskey

Book?  Mine.  (IF YOU STAY)

Movie?  I can’t remember the name of the chick flick I just watched with Mila…although I thought at the time it would be burned into my head forever.  Ack.

Season?  Winter.

Food?  Steak

Pax, thank you so much for suffering through my interrogation! You were such a marvelous guest.

Don't forget If You Stay drops February 12th! Make sure it's at the top of your TBR list! You will thoroughly enjoy your time spent with Pax Tate! Oh and I can't forget Mila, she's a lot of fun as well!   

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Also, a big thank you to Courtney for arranging my interview with THE Pax Tate! Another major milestone in my blogging career! ;) I'll see you guys next week for the SUPER MEGA AWESOME GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY & my favorite Indie Author of the Month segment...Why I Love! So, until next time be sure to Share the Love!

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