Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why I Love M. Leighton ~ Week 4 Indie Author of the Month

Hello, all! 
Well, here we are again...our final week honoring the amazing M. Leighton! Don't be too sad though, this also means two really good things! #1 this is my favorite week of Indie Author of the Month, the week we all get to Share the Love with M. and tell her why we love her so much and #2 it is the SUPER MEGA AWESOME GRAND PRIZE WEEK!!! 

Just a reminder this month the grand prize consists of a signed M. Leighton paperback, some sweet swag, AND a $10 Amazon/B&N gift card!!! Hip Hip Hooray! Now, I know it is going to be really hard to follow up last week's visit with the smoking hot Cash, but I'm going to give it my best shot! 

So, why do I love M. Leighton? Wow, where to start? I feel like I was a bit late to hop on the M. bandwagon because I didn't read my first M. Leighton book until this past May when I read Madly but I am so grateful I found her. I was hooked instantly! Anyone that can make mermaids (and mermen) hot, sexy, and super interesting is beyond talented! And of course, Jackson...come on now--super mega hotness going on there! I can honestly say with every one of M's books I read I fall more in love with reading, with her characters (I swear it is a crime for one woman to have so many hot men running around in her brain but I'm glad she shares them) and with M. Leighton! 

Michelle is so absolutely amazing and the most gracious, humble person on the face of the planet! (Have you seen the super sweet thank you to her readers she has on her blog? So, heartwarming!) I am so glad we made the Twitter connection because she is super fun and joy to chat with. This leads me into the next reason I love M.--her hashtags! M. comes up with the best hash tags ever! 

#MichelleLoveIsTheBestKind is certainly my favorite hashtag ever and if you follow me on Twitter you will see that I use it often. Not only does she have the best hashtags she even emails and Facebooks with hashtags AND I love that. #TrueStory ;) I consider Michelle such a great friend and I brag her up (well technically its not bragging more like honestly sharing how amazing she is) to everyone I know! And I also make sure to recommend her books any chance I get! It is so easy to recommend her books to others. 

Why? Well this constitutes the next reason why I love M.-- her wide array of available titles. M. is an amazing writer whether it is YA, new adult, contemporary, or paranormal! She has this remarkable ability to pull you in and grab your heart and soul from the get go and she doesn't let go til the very last page. Most often, once I've finished her books I fall into what I refer to as the "M. Leighton hangover," where no other book can fully quench the thirst hers leave behind. Also, I have to admit I find myself daydreaming and reminiscing about the characters weeks after finishing her books. 

Finally, I love M. because not only is she a talented, fun, humble, sweet, hashtag fanatic, but she radiates pure joy and positivity even on her bad days! Anyone that can exude as much joy and positivity as she does just over tweets, emails, and FB messages...well that just let's me know she is the real deal. She has brought me sunshine on some of my cloudiest days with just a few words and she has provided me with so many adventures with some amazing fictional characters (such as Jackson, Trick, and Cash.) I cannot wait for this June when I'm able to meet this phenomenal woman (who I consider to be one of my role models-I aspire to be just half as amazing as her) in the flesh! Magnificent Michelle Mayhem will ensue! Guaranteed!

So to recap, I love M. Leighton because she kicks a$$ and rocks my world! Nuff said. ;) 

Now, it's your turn to #ShareTheLove for M.! See the rafflecopter below and tell me why YOU love M. Leighton to earn your final entry for the SUPER MEGA AWESOME GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY! And remember even though M.'s reign as Indie Author of the Month is coming to an end, you should make it a point to Share the Love with her ANY day and EVERY day! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. So
    1) I love her bc she is a Michelle (hello!)
    2) Her Wild Ones was fabulous
    3) For all the reasons you said above about her personally. She is amazingly gracious and humble and so sweet to chat with on Twitter.

    I've only read Wild Ones (crazy I know) but we are doing a read-a-long for Down to me and Up to You on the blog at the first of the year and I'm so excited. I put off DTY for that very reason!

    #MichelleLoveisAwesome! (even with 2 Ls)

  2. She is really an awesome person. I have met Michelle quite a few times and I love how down to earth she is and how much she loves life!

  3. I've only read a handful of her books, but they're fascinating and I love her ideas and her variety of genres.

  4. I have yet to have the pleasure of reading anything other than her excerpts, but just from those I can already tell I love her and I cannot wait until after Christmas to reward myself with some of her books!

  5. I love her books and she is a amazing writer! What isn't there to love about her?? I love how she sucks you right into her books and doesn't let you go.

  6. I ♥ M. Leighton because she is an awesome Young Adult, "New Adult", and Adult author! I *especially* loved THE REAPING, THE RECKONING, and THE WILD ONES!!! I think she's fabulous, humble, and down-to-earth. I also love how she's not afraid or ashamed to thank her God for her success, and anything else. YAY for Ms. Leighton! :)

  7. I love M. Leighton because she is an extremely talented author, I haven't read a thing by her I didn't like. Also, she is super nice and seems humble. I feel like she actually appreciates her fans for her success. From what I know of M. Leighton, what's not to love? :)

  8. Um... HAVE you read Down To You??? Because I don't think you need to say more if you have :)

  9. I love M. Leighton because she is an amazing author and I will be reading everything that she writes! :)

  10. I love M. Leighton because she writes hot stories with hot characters & she loves her readers #ShareTheLove