Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Dangerous Interview with Daniel the Demon ;)

First off, congrats to the sweet Danielle Lee our week 2 winner! Yay! I hope you enjoy your spoils!

This week, in the spirit of all that is October and Halloween, Michelle Muto has arranged this dangerously awesome interview with me and who else, but the hottest demon around Daniel from Don't Fear the Reaper! Now, I cannot divulge the details of how this meeting has been arranged due to the danger involved. And remember not all demons are as good…bad word choice there…are as personable as the lovely Daniel. I can't be putting you lovelies at risk. But have no fear, I selfishly put my life on the line for you all to have a chance to get into the mind of Daniel. ~wide smile~ Let me set the scene for you.

<At a dangerously covert location, I wait in the shadows for Daniel to appear. I'm starting to second guess myself  about coming here when I hear a man clearing his throat.>

M: Daniel, it's so nice to see you in the flesh! Well, maybe flesh isn’t the appropriate term but you know?

D: It’s always good to know the old flesh and bone version never loses its appeal. By the way? Never second guess yourself. <grins best devastating grin> I’ve actually been here for a little while now. You’ve got the sweetest little worried look going on when you get nervous. It’s really quite endearing.

Anyway, pleased to meet you. Love the name.

M: <blushing> Why thank you, Daniel. <shakes head> I know our time is limited so if you are ready for my interrogation, let's get started. <pulls out notes> So, how long have you been in the demon game?

D: <raises eyebrow in thought> Before, or after I went coal-side? After? Maybe two or three years. But I’m a fast study.

M: <giggles> Imagine that. <refocuses on notes>Next question, when you first met Keely what was going through your mind?

D: That she was a total, self-centered diva who got a second chance because that pretty little face of hers reminded Banning of what his own daughter would have looked like. I’ve changed my tune since then. She’s got a real spark about her. I like that in a girl.

M: <raises eyebrow> Really? Well, I personally love the pet name of "Sunshine" you've given Keely. It is amazing how she can be a bright person involved in such a dark turn of events. What possessed you to call her that?

D: I always knew she had a soft spot inside. She just tries to cover it up. <laughs> Okay, the real reason? Don’t go telling her this, but she really is sunshine. A real bright spot in my existence.

M: Aww. That is so sweet. <sigh> Throughout Don't Fear the Reaper, it is apparent that you have had a bit of troubled history or at least you are hiding something, but even though you are a demon you still get caught showing you good guy side from time to time. Does that have anything to do with Keely's influence on you?

D: Between us? Yeah. The girl’s gotten under my skin. Too bad she has whole concept of how much of a prick I can be. Yeah, it’s true that I can make the best bad boy look like a prom date. I’m exactly her type. She just doesn’t know it. Yet. Hey, I’m patient. Sort of. Time is on my side, right? But that’ll be our secret. See? The perks about being a demon is that I do know what scares you.  

M: Your secret is safe with me. <winks> So you and Banning, I get the sense you've had some sort of history before Keely. Would you like to divulge any of those experiences?

D: <snort> The dude has issues. And Banning has a serious inability to play by the rules. I respect that. 

M: What is the one thing you miss most about being alive? I mean you were a human before you died and came to be in your current state, right?

D: Best part? You said it all in one word, Sweets. Being alive. I miss it all. Everything. Even the stuff I thought was bad. Well, except for the incident that landed me here. I’d take that as a do-over. I’d do it right the second time.

M: <nods> What's next for Daniel? Can we look forward to sharing in more adventures with you, Keely, and Banning?

D: The party is just getting started as far as I’m concerned. In fact, it’s time to crank up the heat, fan a few flames, you know? Purgatory needs a dose of bad-assery now and then. <best, most mischievous grin yet>

M: <wide grin followed by intense blushing> Bad-assery, huh? Sounds like a good time. <chuckles then reviews notes>  Now, Daniel I know you like speed so are you ready for the speed round? <raises eyebrow>

D: I’m not all speed, all the time. <wink> But I do like a challenge. Hit me. I can take it.

M: Alrighty, then. Answer with the first thing that comes to mind.
Color? Red
Song? The Devil Inside
Food? Can’t eat. But I’d pick Devil’s Food and I’m not talking about the cake.
Place? Anywhere topside will do.
Book? The Exorcist. Everyone loves a bedtime story.
Season? Summer.
Holiday? October 30th. Devil’s Night.
Person? <laughs> Trickery will get you nowhere, Sweets. That’s my job. 

M: <chuckles> Oh Daniel, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. I know there are a lot of demon loving gals out that are super excited you did.  Be sure to say hello to Keely and Banning for me. I can't wait to spend more time with you all…well in book form…I prefer to live a bit longer if possible.

D: Ah! Fans of the Flame, eh? Nice. I’ll pass along the word to Banning and Sunshine. About the time… you sure? If you ever change your mind, I can do a little arranging. Kidding. Stay topside, Sweets. <grin> Seriously, it’s been fun. Catch you later. <disappears in a burst of airborne flame and smoke>

M:<fans self with papers before racing away from dangerous location>

What did you think about that, you demon loving chicas? Pretty hot, huh? No doubt, in all senses of the word. In case you haven't already, be sure to check out Don't Fear the Reaper for some more quality time with Daniel. <sigh> A super huge THANK YOU to Michelle Muto for making that interview possible!!!

Dang that Daniel and his ability to bring out my inner thirteen year old girl. I may just be swooning and giddy all week long. And did you catch my new nickname, peeps? He called me Sweets. Sweets. That is just so sweet. <sigh> Well, before I get lost in demon daydreams (I'll save those for later) it's time to get back to the matter at hand, this week's giveaway which includes indie supporter swag and a Michelle Muto book! A valid entry earns you a chance at next week's SUPER MEGA AWESOME GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY which includes a $10 Amazon/B&N gift card, more cool indie supporter swag, and books by Michelle Muto!

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***According to the speed round, what is Daniel's favorite color?***

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  1. Awesome interview. He sounds hot.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Character interviews are always my favorite! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. Uhhhh HEY its Danielle just a quick question.. what exactly are my spoils?

  3. Thanks, Yanette! It was super fun to do! ;) Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. You're welcome!!! I hope you do more, these are fun to! :)