Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photo shoot madness

Hello, friends!
I just had to share some of the pictures from my photo shoot at the farm today with my little sister. First of all, let it be known that I absolutely despise my picture...I mean really really hate it but for the sake of entertainment I will be sharing some. So without further adieu, here we go....

First of all this is me!You wouldn't know it but to my right there's a pin full of cute calves and to my left a pin full of cows. They were a bit camera shy.

And this is my sizzer...she is so dang cute and that is totally HER truck.

Now here's where things got interesting....
Enter Barn Kitty! Do I look surprised?!

How about now?

Here I've finally come to grips with what is happening. Those barn cats can be quite friendly and are definitely camera hogs.

He won my sister over pretty quick...

And me too! What do you think about the dignified barnyard pose? LOL!

Now this next shot deserves a drum's really that awesome. I had a momentary stroke of genius with this pic. What do you think? (Keep in mind this is a completely unedited photograph.)

I think its pretty awesome. I feel like I need to write a book that fits this photo just so I can make it a book cover and share it with the world. :)

Hope you enjoyed a few of the shots from today. I actually picked out about four pics of myself that I can actually stand and will be using in the future.

Also stay tuned, barn kitty suggested that I have another giveaway as soon as possible and you just don't argue with barn kitty on matters like that. ;)


  1. Love the pics and the barn Kitty won me over to. But that may be b/c I'm a huge cat lover LOL ^-^

    1. LOL! Oh, even if you hated cats he would win you over. He was very persistent about getting attention. LOL! But I love cats, too so it worked. :) He followed us the rest of the evening.

  2. The pictures turned out awesome! If you roll over the pic's in the barn fast, you can see how your reaction happened. Love it. It looks like a day of fun with your sister. Very pretty!

    1. Thanks, Devyn! It was definitely a good time. My sister wanted to take pics to send to her bf that is in basic training til December. I think she will have enough to send one a week! And now, I have new pics for all my authorly stuff. ;)